Coming to a Mailbox Near You!

We’ve been spending the last several months working on Angie’s new look, and we finally have a brand new  snail mail promo to show.  Our fingers are numb from stuffing envelopes and arranging postage stamps, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re so excited for these 18x24" posters to arrive in mailboxes across the country.  

Holler if you want one!


After months of hard work, brainstorming sessions, flow charts, and high fives, we are proud to announce that Angie has a new website!  It’s ripe with new photos.


Thanks to the creative mavericks at Albertson Design, Angie has a whole new look to showcase her new photography.  We’ve got your standard Edible and Non Edible sections, along with a fancy new In Print section that features tear sheets from some of her published works.

So what’s next for Angie?  We’ve got new portfolios to print, business cards to order, and nations to conquer. 

Zooey the hamster loves making tiny Jell-O recipes!

Remember that book of Jell-o recipes that Angie photographed?  Apparently the book’s author, Victoria Belanger, is doing double duty both as the Jell-o Mold Mistress of Brooklyn and as the official photographer for her pet hamster Zooey.  We like to think that this photo is merely a snapshot documenting a common event in Zooey’s everyday life.

Little furry animals!  Jell-O!  Angie’s photos!  We don’t know how we’re supposed to get any work done when things like this exist in the world.

Making a Good Latte is an Art in Itself.

“My mission as a barista is to provide an honest and enjoyable experience that my customers will return for.”

- Tom Baker, barista and latte artist extraordinaire.

When Angie found herself in need of some pretty latte photos for her portfolio, Tom came to her rescue.  Try as we might, we just can’t seem to replicate his skills on our own espresso drinks at the studio.  While Tom is a master of making delicate, foamy rosettas, our specialty seems to be creating amorphous blobs of foam and spilling hot milk everywhere.  The trail of milk and espresso all across the floors tells us that we should leave the latte art to the professionals.  

Did you hear the joke about the peanut butter?

We’re not telling you.  You might spread it!  

Your stomach is probably aching from laughing so hard, so why not sooth it with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Yesterday Angie spent some quality time reminiscing about her childhood with these sweet and sticky finger foods.  Just like that awful joke, this meal is best suited for the fun-loving kid in all of us.

February is for Lovers (of sugar)

February is a sugar addict’s dream!

We normally keep an embarrassing amount of sweets at the studio, so throw Valentine’s Day into the mix and all bets are off.  Heart shaped candy suddenly seems like the perfect side dish to compliment our lunchtime soup and sandwich.

What could make this month even sweeter, you ask?  A book full of Jell-O recipes, of course!  Ten Speed Press is releasing Hello Jell-O to bookstores today, and it’s full of giggly photos shot by Angie.  Take a peek and you’ll find dozens of fun recipes written by Victoria Belanger, the Jell-O Mold Mistress of Brooklyn.  

So go out into the world, eat some sweets with your loved ones, and make the last couple days of Sugar Month count!

Lara's Pretty Floors

Last week Angie had the pleasure of teaming up with Lara Hoffman, an independent shopper and interior design consultant with an eclectic style and a passion for patterns.  Upon entering her work space, we were overwhelmed by all the pretty things. Between the vintage grandeur chandelier, the orange striped zebra rug, and the superhero paintings, Angie had plenty to keep her camera busy.  What really caught our eye was Lara’s fantastic painted floor.  What a fantastic idea!  We’re trying to hold back our urges to paint our studio’s floors with stylish geometric patterns so we can be as fancy as Lara.

It’s been a busy month so far at the studio with all the projects that Angie and Howard are juggling.  We’re starting to recover from last week’s whirlwind cookbook project, where we worked with prop stylist Christine Wolheim and food stylist Fanny Pan to create some photos of healthy recipes full of pretty produce.  It always makes big projects seem quick and easy when we’re working with a fantastic team, and all the excitement has us eager to share the beautiful images that we made together.  Since we can’t do that quite yet, here are some snippets of what our week was like:

  • Our fridge overfloweth with produce
  • A late night soup emergency
  • An unexpected birthday and celebratory tiramisu
  • AC/DC jam sessions
  • New multisyllabic words to add to our vocabulary that make us feel smart (just ask Christine to use “bimorphic” in a sentence)
  • Sage advice on how to remove giant wine stains from white T-shirts
  • Accidental wardrobe coordination 

The week’s bustling activity had us in such a tizzy that the only way we could properly wind down was with a classy glass of cat wine.  Meow!

Angie’s affinity for white porcelain animals is undying.  Her living room is littered with them, and as her collection grows we think it’s about time she makes those animals earn their keep.  They might be taking residence in her portfolio soon, but only if we can find an animal wrangler that’s willing to work with such stiff talent.

Angie's Diabolical Sweet Tooth

When your morning starts with cupcakes, gumballs, and sugar pearls, you know you’re in for a good day.  Angie loves photographing cute sugary things for two reasons:

  1. She has a big fat sweet tooth.
  2. She is determined to send the entire studio into diabetic shock.

Angie begins every shoot just like every other photographer.  She stretches, does a few jumping jacks, throws punches in the air while singing the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger,” and pets her camera for good luck.

Angie actually has “mad bow tying skillz” listed on her resumé.  

The following photo shows Angie hard at work while Dan ignores her cries for help and stares at cupcakes.  So typical.

Eventually we all caved to the pastry pressure and treated ourselves to some post-photoshoot sweetness.  We finished the day with smiles on our faces and jitters in our bones.  Yet again excessive sugar intake marks another successful day at the studio!

Fanny and Angie: Photoshoot Shenanigans

Angie and Fanny Pan (food stylist extraordinaire) got together on Tuesday to make some magic.  

Angie was excited about using her brand spankin’ new view camera.

Angie ruins another Kodak moment:

Calling Giggles McGee to the set!

Fanny was finally able to get some work done once Angie stopped picking on her.

Angie has so much enthusiasm for photography that it shoots out her toes.  Composing her shots on her tippy toes is the only way she can harness her power.  

The hardest part of the day was choosing the right spoon for the job. 

Decision time: