Angie's Diabolical Sweet Tooth

When your morning starts with cupcakes, gumballs, and sugar pearls, you know you’re in for a good day.  Angie loves photographing cute sugary things for two reasons:

  1. She has a big fat sweet tooth.
  2. She is determined to send the entire studio into diabetic shock.

Angie begins every shoot just like every other photographer.  She stretches, does a few jumping jacks, throws punches in the air while singing the lyrics to “Eye of the Tiger,” and pets her camera for good luck.

Angie actually has “mad bow tying skillz” listed on her resumé.  

The following photo shows Angie hard at work while Dan ignores her cries for help and stares at cupcakes.  So typical.

Eventually we all caved to the pastry pressure and treated ourselves to some post-photoshoot sweetness.  We finished the day with smiles on our faces and jitters in our bones.  Yet again excessive sugar intake marks another successful day at the studio!