It’s been a busy month so far at the studio with all the projects that Angie and Howard are juggling.  We’re starting to recover from last week’s whirlwind cookbook project, where we worked with prop stylist Christine Wolheim and food stylist Fanny Pan to create some photos of healthy recipes full of pretty produce.  It always makes big projects seem quick and easy when we’re working with a fantastic team, and all the excitement has us eager to share the beautiful images that we made together.  Since we can’t do that quite yet, here are some snippets of what our week was like:

  • Our fridge overfloweth with produce
  • A late night soup emergency
  • An unexpected birthday and celebratory tiramisu
  • AC/DC jam sessions
  • New multisyllabic words to add to our vocabulary that make us feel smart (just ask Christine to use “bimorphic” in a sentence)
  • Sage advice on how to remove giant wine stains from white T-shirts
  • Accidental wardrobe coordination 

The week’s bustling activity had us in such a tizzy that the only way we could properly wind down was with a classy glass of cat wine.  Meow!