spring recipes

50 Best Plants on the Planet” book finally came out. We’re so excited! It’s packed with 150 simple yet luscious recipes, and beautifully photographed by Angie! It’s not a diet book, per se. More of a guide to packing the most good stuff into every bite in a scrumptious way. 

Think you don’t like Brussels sprouts? Think again. 

Try pan-searing them in a little butter and EVOO, let them caramelized, add some pistachios and dried cherries. Delish! You’re gonna be a believer. 

Spring is almost here!  We’re tossing flowers in the air like confetti and pulling our finest pair of bermuda shorts out of storage to celebrate warmer days.  We’re also celebrating the new March issue of Yoga Journal, where you can find some spring recipes that Angie recently shot.  Pick up an issue, make a green smoothie, and join us in welcoming spring back into our open arms.

February is for Lovers (of sugar)

February is a sugar addict’s dream!

We normally keep an embarrassing amount of sweets at the studio, so throw Valentine’s Day into the mix and all bets are off.  Heart shaped candy suddenly seems like the perfect side dish to compliment our lunchtime soup and sandwich.

What could make this month even sweeter, you ask?  A book full of Jell-O recipes, of course!  Ten Speed Press is releasing Hello Jell-O to bookstores today, and it’s full of giggly photos shot by Angie.  Take a peek and you’ll find dozens of fun recipes written by Victoria Belanger, the Jell-O Mold Mistress of Brooklyn.  

So go out into the world, eat some sweets with your loved ones, and make the last couple days of Sugar Month count!