Chronicle Books just released Rosette Art, an adorable kit for crafting rosettes for all sorts of celebratory occasions.  There’s even a set of instructions for making rosettes for your prize-winning pets!  Oh, you don’t have a pet that regularly wins agility competitions or competes in dog shows?  Boost his self-esteem by making him a ribbon to honor his daily efforts: Best Sloppy Smooch? 

The book is full of cute ideas photographed by Angie, so take a look at your local bookstore.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Angie and Kiana of Tulipina worked together to create some beautiful photos for Ruffled, a popular blog for sourcing unique wedding inspiration.  This Valentine’s Day Flower Guide is full of pink and red pretties that are artfully arranged to make hearts flutter.  



Arrange some flowers, eat a bunch of candy, and squeeze your sweetheart with all your might.  Happy Valentine’s Day!