Prepping for Fall

The San Francisco summer is in full effect, but our heads are stuck in the future.  Angie teamed up with food stylist Fanny Pan and prop stylist Daniele Maxwell to work on creating a photo for her upcoming fall promo.

The day began with some beautiful, refreshing snap peas.  Yum!  

Fanny artfully arranged our green bean salad.  Working with a great food stylist is like having  a gourmet cook, a world class puzzle solver, and a fine art painter all rolled into one.

Angie and Fanny took a moment for a quick meeting regarding radishes.  

After lots of serious discussion and a few charts and graphs, Angie took some photos and evaluated her radishes.  Are they too squatty?  Are their stems perfectly green and perky?  Do their tails look too ratty?  Cao Studio is an equal opportunity employer, but unfortunately this does not apply to root vegetables.  Those poor radishes had to face some serious Top Model scrutiny.  

Fact #1: Angie has a background in circus acrobatics.  After checking to make sure her life insurance policy was up to date, she combined her circus training with her photography training to entertain us while she snapped some shots.

Fact #2: that first fact wasn’t entirely true.  

Studio clamps and gaffers tape may not make an appetizing meal, but they serve as great stand-in models for light and focus tests.

Daniele stepped in for some final adjustments to the props.  She did a great job finding props to match our cool color palette.

Today’s shoot was a total success!  We had such a great creative team that collaborated to make these fall promo photos unique.  We can’t wait to show everyone the final images.